Meet Ana-Maria Ciubota 

Hello, I’m Ana-Maria, born and raised in Romania, where my humble beginnings were nurtured by a loving modest family, I existed amidst an assortment of life perspectives, many of which didn’t resonate with my own. In my early twenties, I found myself hungry for broader horizons and yearned for enriching experiences that would help shape me into the person I innately felt I was meant to be.

Earning my degrees was only the beginning of my journey. Trading comfort and familiarity for the thrill of uncertainty, I chose the United Kingdom as my new home. Balancing the challenges of basic English skills and the chills of an unfamiliar culture, my resilient spirit soon began to shape a new chapter. Beginning as an unseasoned waiter, navigating my way through novelty, I climbed the professional ladder to a coveted position managing a team for a prestigious hotel in the heart of Surrey. Yet, despite the traditional markers of success, I ached for a deeper emotional fulfilment.

Throughout this journey life presented crossroads, uncertainty, and a hunger for purpose. Driven by these questing forces, I decided on a change, and I started with self-transformation. I left my job and embraced ones again independence. Fuelled by relentless inquiries of "What, Where and Why?" and an undying desire for change, I embarked on a personal journey of transformation in the bustling city of London. It was a challenging yet exhilarating time of introspection and self-development. Venturing on the rigorous path of personal development and mindset coaching, I plunged into a world of wisdom unheard of. This path demanded an extensive contribution of time and resources, yet I found solace in the unwavering pursuit of growth. A personal ritual emerged, a book a day, cementing my foundations and broadening my horizon.

I dove fearlessly into a maze of enriching seminars, immersive workshops, illuminating webinars and stimulating courses, all under the watchful guidance of revered industry leaders. To say the journey was easy would be an understatement, yet with unwavering resolve and steely determination, every obstacle was but a steppingstone towards mastery.

As a realized Personal Development and Mindset Coach, I now stand poised with a mission: to ignite that fiery potential within individuals, nurturing a mindset that welcomes growth. My unique approach is sculpted from my own experiences, coupled with a keen understanding of the diverse challenges encountered both by myself and the remarkable individuals I've had the privilege to coach. Authenticity, compassion, and empathy form the bedrock of my coaching style.

I am committed to more than just coaching and mentoring. I view my work as an opportunity, a chance to guide fellow professionals into transforming their lives, unearthing their passions, and paving a path to their destiny with a renewed sense of confidence and purpose.

Our joint efforts, fuelled by tireless commitment and unwavering dedication, will propel you towards a horizon of fulfilment and success that you so deeply deserve. Just remember, if my journey saw me triumphant, so can yours. After all, the power lies within you. Let's embolden this power together, shaping the course of your extraordinary journey.

Welcome to the first day of the rest of your empowered life. Let's begin!

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