Meet Ana-Maria Ciubota 

Hello beautiful people!

I’m Ana-Maria, born and raised in Romania, where my humble beginnings were nurtured by a loving modest family, I existed amidst an assortment of life perspectives, many of which didn’t resonate with my own. In my early twenties, I found myself hungry for broader horizons and yearned for enriching experiences that would help shape me into the person I innately felt I was meant to be.

Earning my degrees was only the initial step of my journey. Trading comfort and familiarity for the thrill of uncertainty, I ventured across oceans to the United Kingdom—a decision that opened a new chapter filled with challenges and opportunities. Integrating into a new culture, wrestling with the language barrier, and adapting to new social norms were formidable, yet they fuelled my resolve.

As I began to establish myself in the United Kingdom, starting as an inexperienced waiter and eventually managing a team at a prestigious hotel in Surrey, I felt a deeper calling. Despite achieving professional success, I yearned for personal enrichment and a more significant impact. During this period, I decided to pursue an MBA in the UK.


I left my job and once again embraced independence in the bustling city of London. This decision coincided with my entry into the world of mindset coaching, integrating the structured world of business with the fluid dynamics of personal development.

This period was transformative.

While pursuing my MBA, I delved deeply into the art and science of personal development and mindset coaching. This path demanded extensive contributions of time and resources, yet I found solace in the unwavering pursuit of growth. A personal ritual emerged, involving reading a book per week, which cemented my foundations and broadened my horizons.

I dove fearlessly into a maze of enriching seminars, immersive workshops, illuminating webinars, and stimulating courses, all under the watchful guidance of revered industry leaders. The demands of my studies and the personal commitments to self-betterment often merged, enriching one another.

The rigorous academic environment provided a theoretical framework, while the hands-on experiences of coaching brought these theories to life.

This dual journey was far from easy. It required dedication, focus, endless hours of study, and real-world application. But every step was worth it. Today, I stand as a multi-award-winning entrepreneur, mindset coach, and the author of three books. I have been featured in international business magazines and on the covers of more than four different publications.


My mission is clear: to empower others to see and reach their potential. With a solid foundation in business principles backed by my MBA and enriched by extensive coaching experience, I offer a unique approach that blends academic rigor with real-world wisdom.

My coaching style is direct, practical, and personalised, designed to address the real challenges faced by my clients. My unique approach is sculpted from my own experiences, coupled with a keen understanding of the diverse challenges my clients encounter.

This combination ensures that the strategies I develop are not only theoretically sound but also practically viable and tailored to the individual needs of each person I work with.

Harnessing my own journey as a source of inspiration, I strive to light the path for others, guiding them through their own transformations and challenges.

Whether it's navigating career shifts, starting a business, personal development, or creating a new life vision, my aim is to empower and support each client as they make meaningful, lasting changes.


Through this work, I am more than just a coach or a mentor; I'm a partner in my clients' journeys towards success and fulfilment. I believe in the power of combining lived experience with learned knowledge to foster resilience, drive, and clarity.

This belief forms the cornerstone of my coaching philosophy and the very essence of how I approach each session.

Together, we can unlock new potentials and lead lives filled with purpose and passion. Let's embark on this transformational journey and create stories of success and fulfilment that are uniquely our own.

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