5 Keys to Get Out of FEAR

Nov 14, 2023

Fear, an age-old emotion that can affect our productivity and potential in our personal and professional lives, can be managed with the right tools. Drawing on several scientific research, we explore five crucial strategies to reduce fear and push you towards potential and success.

1. Feed Your Mind Daily

Just as the body requires nutrition to function effectively, our minds demand intellectual nourishment. Johns Hopkins research affirmatively associates brain health with intellectual stimulation and cognitive tasks. By dedicating just 30 minutes a day to reading or listening to enriching content (be it an industry-specific podcast, motivational audiobooks, or a self development journal), you're warming up your mind and preparing it to better tackle fear and anxiety that might grip you. You might skip a meal, but one must never forget to satiate the intellectual appetite of the mind.

2. Strengthen and Train Your Body

The bond between the mind and body has been at the centre of many scientific research. A 2019 report by Harvard Medical School confirms that physical activity not only fosters better health but also inspires positivity and resilience, in turn, reducing anxiety and fears. Exercising regularly, embracing a balanced diet, and nurturing your body acts as a shield against fear and equips you with the confidence and stamina required to thrive professionally.

3. Find a Role Model or Coach to Guide You

Research in Developmental Psychology suggests that having a mentor or role model significantly impacts individuals' attitudes and beliefs, acting as powerful drivers for growth and change. When this figure is someone who has successfully navigated the same professional challenges and fears, their journey and insights become invaluable. Engaging with a coach or identifying a role model who exemplifies courage can help actualize a fear free life.

4. Proximity is Power

The theory of "Emotional Contagion," recognized by psychologists, underscores those emotions are communicable, especially among individuals close to each other. By strategically positioning yourself among high-achieving, fearless individuals, you invite their resilience and fearlessness into your personal sphere. They serve as ongoing inspiration and proof that boundaries are meant to be pushed, and fears meant to be conquered.

5. Practice The Virtue of Giving More Than Receiving

Adopting an abundance mindset is a compelling strategy to reduce fear. Research from the Greater Good Science Centre at the University of California elucidates the immense benefits of altruism on personal well-being and emotional health. Focusing on giving, serving, or contributing can shift your focus away from fear, fostering a more resilient mindset ready to triumph over challenges.

In conclusion, fear might be a universal experience, but it doesn't need to dominate our personal and professional lives. By purposefully nourishing our minds, fortifying the body, connecting with the right influences, and breaking the shackles of the scarcity mindset, fear can be gradually diminished. As Zig Ziglar says, "Fear is F.E.A.R - Forget Everything and Run or Face Everything and Rise, the choice is yours,” but we’re here to rise above it.